Post Exam Discussion: NICL AO Exam 2013 Held on 08.09.2013

NICL AO Exam 2013 conducted today i.e, 8th September 2013. If any one of you have attended the exam, please share your experience. How was the question paper? post some questions that you remember. Share anything that you want with our readers.

0 thoughts on “Post Exam Discussion: NICL AO Exam 2013 Held on 08.09.2013

  1. madhu

    few questions on 08-09-2013 after noon session

    infra bonds — given by —- IIFCL
    exporters credit will be given by—– ECGC
    NRSA located at—– hyderbad
    G-20 summit held at — las cabos
    banking / finance — demand deposit

  2. babu

    Some of the Questions in the mornig shift are
    1. Golden revolution refers to the developement of
    2. World press freedom day
    3. Bayanawhich was in news recently is a place in which state?
    4. Which is a private sector bank
    5. Which bank took over centurian bank of punjab?

  3. Anand

    Morning Shift
    General Awareness
    1.In 2000 ICC between INDIA and ________
    A.Australia B.England C.Westindies D.Pakistan
    2.In forest land in INDIA overall ___%
    A.12 B.22 C.33 4.14
    3.Which Country Among the following highest lietracy rate in 2012?.
    A.China B.Srilanka C.China D.Vietnam
    4.which state planed to set up Uranaium plant by ndian govt
    A.Megahalya B.Manipur C.Assam D.Odisha
    5.Which one is related to food security?.
    6.Which of the following country awarded highest GDP growth in 2011?.
    A.USA B.China C.Japan D.India

  4. anand

    Some GA questions in todays exam

    1.Where was International Physics olympiad held in 2011 – Ans Bangkok
    2.National Centre for Plant Biotech located in – Ans New Delhi
    3. How much forest cover in India (%) – Ans Approx 23%
    4. Which city hosted world biodiversity convention in 2012 – Ans Hyderabad
    5. Which country has highest literacy rate as per recent reports. China, India, SL and Vietnam – Ans Vietnam (from wikipedia)

  5. sdrth

    I applied for generalist(though i m a graduate)….got the admit card for had to write engineering paper…
    nicl is jst bull shit!!

  6. jas

    1. x persons can finish a work in 30 days. If 6 persons are increased, work can be finished in 10 days less. then find the original persons.
    2. national research center for plant biodiversity
    3. RAM is used because ?
    4. Electronic computer is used for ?
    5. On blood relation 2 questions
    6. Highest literate among India, China, Srilanka, Vietnam
    7. how many bits are there in 8K

  7. shashank

    evening shift
    fish out of water-uncomfortable
    foam in one mouth-angry
    opoosite of poach??
    hidding something more than that(some thing like that)-hoard
    ph more dan 9-alkaline
    baking and finanace is related to which–demand draft
    reflection ques–1st option was right(a)
    essay-internet and effects on communication.

  8. kavita

    6:5:8:x. Find x
    OFF in computers represented by which no.
    bayana belongs to which state?
    repartee synonym
    exhort synonym

    descriptive- essay on:

    how mobiles hav changed d way we communicate
    privatisation of industrial sector?

  9. avishek

    the morning session paper was easy…english,quant and reasoning……gk ws a bit tough…


    Engineering Section
    * what is the poissions ratio for solids (0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4)
    * what is the size of the colloids (5-50 milli micron , 5-500 micron, 500-5000micron, s-50 angstrom)
    * UJT has how many junction (Ans = 1)
    * If -8+26(Sin wt + 30) current is passed through a PMMC meter , a Spring meter and — meter then what will be the currant ratings through them resp (-8,2,2 , 8,10,10 – - )
    * how much O2 can be obtained form 90 kg H2O (32 , 64 , 80 , 90)
    * If methanol is 0.64 then what is the mole value for it … (sumthing like that)
    * youngs modulus of elasticity related 1 question

  11. avishek

    after da resilts get out u cn check my words…..people will say cut off will be 120+ bt plz dnt panic guys….i m sure it cnt be more tan 85…60(objective)

    1. Aditya Rathi

      dude nooooo. .. 85 was in assistant exam.
      dont knw abt 50 mrks english ppr. . was tht for qualifying or will take part in merit .

  12. Kartik

    NICL AO Exam Day shift
    1. Words that mean same “Intrepid”– fearless
    2. Words that mean same “Repartee”
    3. Words that mean same “Exhort”- pressure
    4. Words that mean same “Barren”- unproductive
    5. Words that mean same “assured”– confident
    6. Words that mean same “Relieved”- calmed
    7. Words that mean same “Infamy”- notoriety
    8. Words that means OPPOSITE “Considerate”- ignorant
    9. Words that means OPPOSITE “furthest”- closest
    10. Words that means OPPOSITE “Cessation”- commencement
    11. Words that means OPPOSITE “Procrastinate”- propagate

    12. Bird flu- Poultry
    13. Associated with Food security- PDS
    14. CACP- Minimum Support Price
    15. Indian Forest- 22%
    16. Think Different Tagline- Apple
    17. High literacy- Vietnam
    18. 76km border fence in dhubri- Bangladesh
    19. Shehnaz Hussain
    20. National Research centre on Plant biotechnology – NEW Delhi
    21. Bayana- Rajasthan
    22. Private bank- Axis
    23. Centurion Bank of punjab- HDFC bank
    24. MTNL CDMA Wills scheme in mumbai- Garuda
    25. Press Freedom Day- 3 may
    26. Golden Revolution- Horticulture
    27. UN convention on Biodiversity- Hyderabad
    28. Physics Olympiad in 2011- Bangkok
    29. Economic term- Deflation
    30. Vedanta Alumina- Mining
    31. AK Antony- Defence
    32. Highest GDP growth- China
    33. 2000th ICC test- England
    34. Uranium Plant- Orrisa

    35. 8K ram- 8196
    36. Packet Switching Network- LAN

    1. Kartik

      As far as my memory is concerned, I remember these questions from English and GK.
      I remember more from other sections but i am finding it difficult to type such long questions :)
      So till the question paper and answer key is out, u can take hint of your marks from these questions.

  13. vivek

    1ooo denoted in comp. as?
    in 3g g stands 4?
    kaveri is related to?
    nav krishi?
    gram sadak yojna related?Opt were 1000+2k+3k+
    cpu related one qus?

  14. Swati

    Evening session
    1 are=?hectare
    LCM of two number is 120,HCF 10.Sum of these two number?
    1 reflection question
    one based on train.
    multiply some number by 999.
    5 power 71+5 power 72+5 power 73 will completely divided by 30,150155,160

  15. ASHISH

    I think the Cut-off for Generalist would be surely around 110. Objective- 85, Subjective – 25. Also there are reports of malpractices from various centres. Getting around 103-105 (80 + 25)… Dissapointed to be certain to miss the bus.

  16. viky

    what was the answer for Q. P and R completes work in 10 days, Q AND R IN 15, Q AND P IN 20 DAYS??
    So in how much time alone p completes the work, what was the answer, morning session quant question

    1. navin

      P alone completes in 24 days
      (1/10+1/15+1/20)=2(P+Q+R)’s 1day work
      13/120=(P+Q+R)’s 1 day’s work———-eq——1
      as in question(Q+R)’s 1 day work is 1/15……put the value in eq 1
      (13/120-1/15)=1/24= P’s 1 day’s work
      so P completes in 24 days

  17. Gaurav

    No, it would not be beyond 80. The GK was not at all easy. Eng, maths and reasoning were easy but not so to score all 75 numbers. So cut off would not be beyond 80. My assumption is 75-80.

  18. pawan

    Sum of d abv gvn answrs r wrn…m talkinmabt eng
    Like procrastinat…its ant is expedite
    N for relvd syn is exmpted
    Didnt noticed other qstns


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