0 thoughts on “Multiplication Tricks and Short Cut Methods

  1. Nitin Bansal

    sir i am prepairing for bank exam. please send me important sort trick to my email.

    1. srinu0715

      Hi, you have to put zero after the given number and then subtract original number from this new number so that you will get result.

      Here is the example:


      Put zero after 587 then you will get 5870 ad then subtract 587 from 5870.
      The result is 5283.

  2. ashritha

    These shortcuts r very useful.i want 2 know more shortcuts which will b beneficial in exams so pls kindly update shortcuts to my mail

    1. nagaraju

      for squares use this formula (a square+2ab+b square), for every 2 digit no. starting from right end
      here is one ex. let 87 a=8, b=7 , then starts form right end so b squares is 49 , last digit is 9 from right end and 2ab =112 so from above we have 4 so,112+4=116, so next digit is 6, and next is a square =64 , so from above we have have 11 so add it 64+11=75, so ans is 7569 is the ans

    2. nagaraju

      175 x 175 = (170 x 180) + (5 x 5)
      = 30,625
      275 x 275 = (270 x 280) + (5 x 5)
      = 75,625, and u know how to mul 2 digit no. with 2 digit no.


    I Will teach u Multiplication of 5 with any no.-

    Let 8798*5=?
    First Multiply with 8798 by 10 = 87980, then divide it by 2 =”43990″ this is the result.

    So you can multiply any no with 5 by following this rule.

  4. poonam

    Short tricks for Square of 2 digit no. which is ends in 5. For Example 35 is the number you want to square. Multiply the first digit of number with the next to its number. i.e 3*4 is equal to 12. finally add 25 at the end of result. Answer:- 1225

  5. ritu awasthi

    sir,i m preparation 4r bank or ssc exam so plz kindly tel me how i can solve square of 3 digits number,plz give me some short tricks.

  6. Prraveena

    Hai Mentor,

    Right now my concentration is on UIIC-Generalist officer preparation.
    Is it possible to get materials about Finance in objective exam point of view.
    Looking forth your valuable reply at the earliest.

    1. jeyasri

      hi sir,
      please tell the shortcut of 459*984.i prepare a bank exam.please reply the shortcut to my email.how to correct the errors part in english.please reply the way

  7. Srinivas

    Sir this is Srinivas preparing for the IBPS. please send me the short cut for the numbers which are in the decimal form (both multiplication and division)


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