IBPS RRB Office Assistant Online Exam 2013 Held on 29.09.2013 (Evening Shift) Discussion

Discuss IBPS RRB Clerk Online Exam 2013 Held on 29.09.2013 (Evening Session). If you have attempted the exam, please share the general awareness questions asked in IBPS RRB Office Assistant Exam 2013. Also share the reasoning, maths, English language and computer knowledge questions and answers if you remember any. If you have any issues with website loading, please share it also in comments section. IF you are facing any difficulty with the site, please send problem arised for you to my email: radha4336@gmail.com

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  1. Bharath Kumar

    Today rrb office assistant (29th sep 2013)
    General Awareness
    1. Vice president of india?
    2. Leander paes belongs to which sport?
    3. p.v.sindhu belongs to which sport?
    4. Abhinav Singh Bindra Belongs to which sport?
    5. UNCTAD Abbrevation?
    6. Home Affairs minister?
    7. Number of ASEAN countries?
    8. Lok sabha speaker?
    9. UN day?
    10. South korea currency name?
    11. Capital of Mauritius?
    12. Bangladesh Parliment name?
    13. Andaman and nicobar Islands capital name?
    14. Oscar winner best actor?

  2. Prabha

    1. Who is lok saba speaker?
    2. Currency of korea?
    3. Capital of Maldives
    4. Home affair minister
    5. 2016 summer Olympics will be held in?
    6. CIS full form
    7. leander paes related to which sports?
    8. Marry kom – Olympics
    9. Dornacharya award
    10. Who wrote Midnight Children?
    11. How many countries are in ASEAN?
    12. 18th SAARC summit will be held in?

  3. sonam

    RRB clerk exm ws vry easy excpt GA, jisme qstns kafi hat k pooche gye, bt englsh, maths, reasoning, computr were piece of acke, some GA qstns:
    Saanchi stupes related to Ashok nd Buddha situated where: M.P
    ASEAN members: 10
    Oscar 2013 Best actor: daniel day lewis
    Most award winning movie at National award 2013: kahani
    Devdaas written by: Sharat chattopadhyaya
    Midnight’s Children author: salman rushdie
    bharat Nirman Yojna contents: watar supply
    speaker of lok sabha: Meira kr
    Chairman of Planning comission: Manmohan singh
    Tehri dam built on: Bhagirathi River
    full form of CIS: commonwealth of indepndent states
    Full form of UNCTAD: U N confrnce on Trade nd Dev.
    full form of NERGA:
    capital of Mauritius: Port Louis
    capital of Andman Nicobar: Port Blair
    Indian Vice president: Hamid ansari
    Afghan Presidnt: Hamid karzai
    N. Korea currency: WON
    mary com relatd to: boxing
    Leander paes frm: tannis
    Maheshwari was in nws fr: Getting Arjun award
    Dronacharya award 2013 givn to:

  4. sonam

    hi i hav attemptd 178 qstns total my accuracy is 90% excpt GA whr i hav doubts, i m frm UP, gnrl candidate, any chance for me of intervw???? plz tell
    Reasoning: 40
    maths: 32
    English: 40
    GA: 25

  5. sonam

    hey can anyone tell me ki 40 mrks wale section me min. mrks hya hoga jiske above score krna h?? kya mje 20 or 19 or 24 mrks laane honge??? plzzz suggest me…

  6. vipin


    1.lok sabha speaker
    2.vice president of india
    3cis full form
    4midnight children by
    5tehri dam on which river
    6devdas written by
    7player in third position in badminton world cup
    8nrega stands for
    9no. of asean members
    10saarc headoffice
    11indian navy chief
    12afghanistan president
    13s korea currency
    14.15 lok sabha election held
    15.24 oct day
    16question on commitee(option are kamalnath ,yahwant sinha etc)
    17.50% sc st ,100% bpl how much to minorities related question
    18female famous pole vault player related to which country(name not remember)
    19home minister of india
    20sanchi stupoa situated where
    21.2016 summer olympic held where
    22small medium enter prises comes under
    23mauritius capital
    24planning comm chairman
    25andaman n nicobar capital
    26lifeime dronacharya award
    27which submarine blast recently
    28dhronacharya award for hockey
    29.maximum no. of awarda won by which movie in national film award
    30ranjit maheshwari is in news because(triple jumper)
    31bindra associated which sport
    32oscar winning male actor
    33unctad stand for
    34international avaition where
    35parliament name of bangladesh
    36bank of international settlement where
    37related to gdp(not remember)
    38bharat nirman 6 targets(name the sixth one)
    39gyanpeeth award


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