IBPS Bank Clerk Salary & Allowances | RRB Office Assistant Pay Scale

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Bank clerk salary and allowances for all PSU Bank employees is same. Bank clerk have to perform cashier duties as per the branch requirement. Banks will provide cashier allowance.

Bank Clerk Salary = Basic Pay + DA + CCA + HRA

Bank Clerk/ RRB Office Assistant Pay Scale:


Basic Pay: In this scale, 7200 is the basic pay. Almost all Commercial banks are giving graduation allowance i.e., 2 increments of Rs.400/-. So, the basic pay for newly joined bank clerk is 8000. After completion of 1 year service, you will get 1 increment of Rs.400/- As you get total 3 increment by the end of one year service, 2nd year increment will be 500 for next 3 years. This is how the increments will follow as per the pay scale mentioned above.

Dearness Allowance (DA): DA is determined based upon the Consumer price index (AICPN). It is revised for every 3 months. Feb, Mar, Apr | May, June, July | Aug, Sep, Oct | Nov, Dec, Jan. These are the quarters in which the DA will be changed according to the consumer price index.

City Compensation Allowance (CCA): This is for those who are posted in big cities. It 4% for Metro cities and 3% for other cities.

House Rent Allowance (HRA): HRA is also based on your place of posting. If you are working in metro cities HRA is 8.50%, Some other big cities with population more than 5 lakh, it is 7.50% and in other locations it is 6.50% of basic pay. Some banks provide leased accommodation allowance in place of HRA.

Bank Clerk Allowances:

Bank clerk will get very less allowances compare to Bank PO.

Medical Aid: Medical Aid allowance is provided annually. It is Rs. 2000 for clerk. It is almost same in all banks.

Petrol Bill: This is not there in all banks. Some of the banks are providing this allowance. This is variant in various banks. Banks give 10 to 20 liters of petrol. It is depends on bank.

News Paper Allowance: It is given quarterly or monthly in some banks. You can avail it for every 3 months. It is Rs. 150 to Rs. 200.

Food & Beverage Allowance: It is Rs. 200 to 250 in all PSU banks. Depends on bank.

Average salary for bank clerk is Rs.15,000/-. Bank clerk average salary is not same for all banks.

Bank clerk salary in hand will be 14,000/- after deductions. To arrive at bank clerk in hand salary, you to deduct provident fund, professional tax,etc..

Bank clerk salary in SBI is 2000/- extra compare to other commercial banks. Salary of SBI clerk is more because of extra allowances SBI offers to their employees.

This is the Bank clerk salary structure. I hope i explained everything regarding Bank clerk salary structure.

Note: Bank clerk salary revision is under process. Bank employees 10th bipartite settlement for salary revision due from November 2012. It is expected to implement by this year end. The expected bank clerk salary after 10th bipartite settlement is Rs.20,000/- to Rs. 22,000/-

There is lot of scope for getting promotions quickly from clerk to PO. If you are not able to get PO job, try to secure clerk job. It is enough to start your career. All The Best Guys!..

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      hey kavya…congratulation for success.u r lucky that u have one more option..i suggest u that join gun factory in kanpur..beacuse.i m a supplier of gun factory n..i see that their is no work in fiels only 5 hours working peiors..n a great chance to promotion as chargeman and j.wm post…

      and a great salary differences u will see … after 3 or 4 years/////…. i think ur salry will grow 8000 aprrox next 4 years…

  1. kavya

    thanks much sir but I am really sacred to get ready for exams. and I have hopes ill do better and I am from karnataka will i get job in karnataka only?

  2. vishnu

    As u told that garduates get 8000/- basic but in Andhra Pragathi grameena bank they were giving 7200/- basic no graduation increment they were loosing 2 increments

  3. b haritha

    hii…. i need a suggestion frm u.. i am working as clerk in sbh. i got intervw call frm rural bank apgvb( Andhra Pradesh Grameena vikas bank).. is it better to work as sbh clerk or rural bank po???????/ pls suggest

  4. vivek kumar mishra

    sir, thanks alot for explaing salary & allowances,
    Is there any other allowance for phiysically handicapped clerk in bank.

  5. ganesh prasad

    good evn.. sir mai 07-12-2013 ko kgsg bank as a clerk join kiya hu but yaha mujhe basic pay 7200 diya ja rha hai kya krna chahiye

  6. md.sagir alam

    if employee getting 14000 salary pm. After increment of 3000 during that period, professional tax will be charge on previous rate or rate will change?

  7. basavaraj

    sir i have completed bsc nursing it is four year degree from rajiv gandhi university .
    am i eligible for ibps
    and also i have 71%aggregate


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