How to Prepare for IBPS RRB Officers & Office Assistant Online Exams 2013

IBPS RRB Officers & Office Assistant Online Exams 2013 are scheduled to held on in September/ October 2013. Officers exam will be conducted first. After that office assistant exam will be conducted. Everybody asking how to prepare IBPS RRB Exams 2013. So, let me explain here. This post is for newcomers.

There 5 sections in IBPS RRB Officers & Office Assistant Written Exam 2013.

1. Reasoning
2. Numerical Ability/ Quantitative Aptitude
3. English Language/ Hindi Language
4. General Awareness
5. Computer Knowledge

There are 40 questions from each section.

1. Reasoning: Questions are related to following topics.

Syllogism: There will be 2 or 3 statements followed by 2 conclusions. You have to take the given statements to be true and then decide which of given conclusions logically follows from given statements.

Data Sufficiency: One question followed by 2 statements will be given. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question.

Coding – Decoding: Some data will be given with its codes. Ex: book is coded as hlt. You have to answer the questions based on the given codes.

Seating Arrangement: Some information will be provided related the seating positions. you have to figure out correct seating arrangement based on given data and answer the questions. If you can prepare the seating arrangement, you can easily answer the question. You have to concentrate more to solve this type of questions.

Greater than, Less than, Equality Relationship: Statements contain the relationship between different elements will be shown. You have to decide whether the Conclusions given follows the relation given in statements

There will be some single items {Please refer previous exam papers to know more)

Statement & Arguments: Statements and arguments will be given. You have to decide which of given arguments are strong and which are weak argument related to the given statement.

Statement & Course of Action: Some situation will be given in statement followed by course of actions. You have to decide which of given course of actions logically follows for pursuing.

Blood Relations: Based on given blood relationships, you to answer the questions.

Non Verbal Reasoning: 4 question figures will be given. You have to decide which among the answer figures follows as 5th figure. Nonverbal questions are discontinued in online exam pattern. Be ready for this also. WE cant predict anything.

To get good marks in IBPS RRB 2013 Online Exam, You have to practice more. Reasoning section is toughest section compare to any other section in my point of view because if you cant concentrate at that point of time, you will loose marks even though you know the procedure to solve that question. So, sleep well before the exam. This is very important to answer reasoning section. Why i am saying this is, i have seen many candidates traveling at night before the exam day. This logic may sound silly for some of you, but it is true. You cant solve questions if don’t sleep well. Ok.. Reasoning section is all about Practice & smart thinking in exam hall. For Office Assistant & Officers exam, reasoning questions will be same, but the toughness of the questions will different. Office Assistant questions looks very simple. But the accuracy is important to get top rank. Officers questions will be little difficult. You have to think to solve them. It wont be like IBPS PO exam. It simple compare to that exam.

Reasoning Section = 40 Questions = 50 Marks.

2. Numerical Ability/ Quantitative Aptitude:

Numerical ability for Office Assistant Exam & Quantitative aptitude for Officers. To score good marks in this section, you have to be quick in solving mathematical calculations. First, learn mathematical tables from 2 to 20. Many might have forgot the tables after 12 or 13. So, read them first. Know some shortcuts from your seniors. I have posted some tricks in Quantitative Aptitude section.

Numerical Ability section will have 20 questions based on BODMAS Rule & other 20 questions from Quantitative aptitude questions. Quantitative Aptitude for officers will have 20 Quantitative aptitude and 20 Data Interpretation questions

Data Analysis & Interpretation mainly contains, Pie Charts, Bar Diagrams, Tables, Graphs, Probability & Data Analysis.

Just practice 30 previous PO exam papers to quickly solve questions of Data Analysis & Interpretation.

Numerical Ability/ Quantitative Aptitude = 40 Questions = 50 Marks

3. English Language:

Comprehension Passage, Cloze test, Meanings & Opposite Words, Common Errors, Grammatical Errors, Filling the blanks, Rearranging sentences to form meaning paragraph.

I recommend you to read comprehensions, if you have time at last, because if you are not able to understand in the middle of the passage, your time will be wasted. Set some time for it and follow the same. Many canidates spending too much of time to read passages. If you are also like that, it is better to skip it and answer the Meanings and Opposite words questions just by reading the bold sentence. I strongly recommend you to learn the grammar part. If you are good at grammar, you can answer easily within less amount of time. If you are taking too much of time while practicing for some type of questions, try to find ways to solve in less and learn shortcuts from friends. If there is no way to reduce the time to solve that particular type of question, just leave it. OK..

There will be 20 questions from grammar section. If you can answer at least 15, you will be in safe zone. I recommend all of you to write notes. Collect 30 previous PO exam papers, buy a note book and note down the error in particular sentence. Read all the things that you have wrote before the exam day. Revision is very important for English.

Cloze test is easy if you read previous papers.

English Language = 40 Questions = 40 Marks

4. General Awareness:

This is the easiest section in Bank Exams. For GK, Read the questions posted on our website and read last 6 months Current Affairs questions i.e., Apr, May, June, July, August, September 2013. 70 to 80% of the current affairs questions will be from from June, July, August, September 2013.

General Awareness = 40 Questions = 40 Marks

5. Computer Knowledge:

For computer knowledge, preparing previous exam papers is enough. Also learn more about MS office tools.

Computer Knowledge = 40 Questions = 20 Marks

There is no descriptive test for both Officers & Office Assistant Exams. Iam applying for Officer Scale 2.

Overall, I recommend you to practice 30 Previous Bank Exam papers for All Sections. If you prepare PO papers, it is easy to solve clerk papers. So, practice any bank exam paper. I have already posted some bank exam papers. Practice them.

If you have any doubts on how to prepare for IBPS RRB Exam 2013 online test, feel free to ask me in comments section. I am free from all my duties now. All The Best!..

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  1. vekaashiniraj

    very useful tips for english.please give me some more tips for english.thanks for your help in advance

  2. vivek

    koi mujhe batao ki gen walo ko each section me 19 marks obtain karna hai 95 totel but computer paper 20 marks ka h to isme kite passing marks obtain krna hai?

  3. Daphne

    can we attend both PO/MT & CWE RRB same year? I m BCA fresher with 90%.For which post shall I appear for exam?

  4. dhara

    sir, i want to clear exam that time.pls give some trick to how to attempt the question in paper.special online exam me

  5. karuna

    sir, tell me how to prepare for ibps RRB at home. pls refer links and best books for me as early as possible.

  6. saritha

    hi sir,
    can u give me the tricks for calculating vry big numbers in fiv digits n more n also to prepare for general awarenes…
    thank u for giving me wonderful information

  7. anusha

    sir,can u please tell me how to prepare for ibps pos n associatives and can me what books i have to refer

  8. Dinesh Kumar

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for all information.Sir If u can arrange all question set with answer for last 30 to 50 po and clerk exams ,It will be very helpful for me.So that We can directly concentrate on studying rather than searching for it in all websites.Sorry for being so much demanding…But if u can give some it will help…I am planning to give an attempt for RRB Officer scale 2.I will be my first attempt for any compitetive exams.
    Dinesh Kumar Dash

    1. Admin Post author

      For scale 2 u need to have 2 yrs wrking experience as officer. U said u r writing competitive exam for the 1st time. R u eligible for this exam. Check it once. I will provide as much material i can.

  9. Miss Tapasya Gopal Chandole

    I have completed my graduation. so i wanted to know for which post either RRB or for PO or for clerk post i would give ibps exam. and i am not having any work experience in field of banking . I have passed graduation in Bsc(computer Science) and currently working in Datamatics Global Services Nasik at Executive post releated to computers since 1 and the half year. and please do solve my query what is difference between above post RRB officers, PO, and clerk. which will be suitable as per my qualification and what are the eligibility criteria for all above 3 posts in ibps exams.

    1. Admin Post author

      U r eligible for those 3 exams. Graduation is enough for bank po & clerk exams. Rrb’s are grameena banks. Ibps po is for nationalised banks.

  10. k sravankumar

    Sir! I got 113 marks in ibps rrb assistants in 2012. Is there any chance to get interview frm dgb?.
    And plz telll me the safe zone for gget job in rrb’s.

  11. k sravankumar

    I am a new entry to the bank exams. Is it possible to score that much of marks like 130&140. I got 113 with
    Heavy effort.

  12. chaitra

    sir, i am BCA fresher with 78%. I want to knw the difference between officer assistant post and scale 1, scale 2 posts… pls sugest me which of d above post is better for me to apply for d rrb exam..

    1. Admin Post author

      officer scale 1 is asst manager, office assistant is clerk, scale 2 is manager. scale 3 is senior manager. u r eligible for office assistant & officer scale 1 posts.

  13. dhivya

    I am applying for IBPS RRB exam Officer scale I .How should i prepare sir,and which book is best for computer section and general awareness. I decided to clear tat exam in first attempt but i am writing this exam first time ….could you give some tips to crack this exam plZ……

  14. amy

    i want to knw the book for tricks. via which i can solv the numerical problems of IBPS.i hav filld both d forms for PO and clerk.but my main focus is on PO. now im having 2 month to go for the exam
    can i achiv it…i hv nevr tanken coching for bank. itz my 1st attemp.

      1. mouni

        Hello sir

        I have applied for IBPS RRB office assistant.this is the 1st time for me to attempt for bank, can you plz send me previous paper for practice to my mail.

  15. MEGHA


  16. mukesh ranjan

    sir, plz tell me echonomics, banking ke liya kaun sa book behtar hai ibps po and clerk ke liya……

  17. lavanya

    hello sir
    thank you for all information,it is very helpful 4 us.i applied office assistant. so plz give me some more tips on english grammer and which section wl prefer to attempt fast in online test and plz provide some previous question papers 4 me.and also give some formulas for aptitude.and also tel me hw much time wl spend for each section.and wat is minimum and maximum target for rrb phase 2.

    1. Admin Post author

      alloting time is wholly depends on u. it is depends on individual. if u start practicing the papers, u will get idea on how to write the exam. try different methods and chose the best option for u.

  18. lavanya

    sir which book i need to prepare for d office assistant. and i want previous 30 model papers of book tel me d name of the book,and which book i prefer for GA,and send me GA questions of link which u have sent

  19. sunita

    i have passed ibps po, clerk , rrb po & clerk , but i didn’t get chance to call in interview . please tell me how can i preparation ,this time i want to have job in bank po or clerk . i am from SC category , what is cut off for it that i will get job in bank ?

  20. Admin Post author

    read banking awareness questions. iam going to post some banking terms and economy related questions. read them. and read last 6months current affairs questions. rrb papers are easy than ibps psu exams.

  21. Nitheesh

    sir iam little weak in numercial ability , quantitarive aptitude. in exam i dont have enough time to solve the same. if there is any tricks for calculation and in reasoning plz help me. expecting ur reply.

    1. Admin Post author

      if u practice more practice papers, u will find tricks by urself. i will try to post some in future.

  22. Prakash

    sir,ibps rrb (multitasking officer) keliye per section me kitna question karna padega.i am also good in math and reasoning but very week in gk and english many question is to be right to clear the exam.

  23. Souvik

    Dear Admin,
    Many thanks to you for these important information.I applied po exam first time..i want to know what meaning of online exam..means that exam conduct on computer or written paper??

  24. Prasenjit

    admin: A general query: I have heard many times that a PO needs to work anywhere in India for 2 years. After that he always remains in his home state for entire career. And one just circles from branch to branch in the home state every 3 years. Is it true? In that case the 2 years of outside posting would be the first 2 years of joining or as per your wish when u want? Becoz, I need my home state posting very badly as soon as possible.

  25. Shrikant More

    Dear admin,
    I have 3 years of exp in I.T company as System admin, i have done bca.
    am i eligible for RRB scale-2 I.T post ? please let me know

    thanks in advance :)

  26. Anmol chaurasiya

    I have applied rrb office assistant sir i want to know that in online exam can i take any section for answer please tell me

  27. Natasha

    Hello sir I m prepairing for rrb clerk officer 1 and ibps po can u pls tell me mujhe po aur officer ke math ki tayari kaise karne chea aur main english mai kafi week ho gayi hu pehle sahe the but shayad practic na,karne ke kara aisa kya karu jo po mai pass ho jau english aur math mai. Pls help

  28. ashish mishra

    sir thankyou for these all information,sir i want to max cut off marks in every section in ibps po/mt. For which i have got interview call,please reply in general cota

  29. surinder

    sir i have much problem in eng section . i do practice sets but error finding and cloze test i feel the most thoughts part plz give some tips to solve my this problem
    thanks in advance

  30. Manju

    Dear sir,
    i am here requesting you to advice me regarding study materials for office assistant (multi purpose )examination 2013.
    Thanking you (manju .mob- 9164580329)

  31. sowdamini

    sir,iam sowdamini.iam little weak in english,g.a,computer even i get 140/200marks in practice papers.iam oc categery so i need to score more plz tel me what is maximum score to get job and how can i get that marks.

  32. sonali pal

    sir i got rrb ofice assistance 126 in obc catogary in 2012. now the cut of in hariyana gramin bank is 130 .so pl tell there is chances or not

  33. sonali pal

    sir i got rrb ofice assistance 126 in obc catogary in 2012. now the cut of in hariyana gramin bank is 130 .so pl tell there is chances or not and how prepare for online exam

  34. Rajat Gupta

    sir, muje computer section ke baare me confusion hain. Maximum marks 20 hain, to minimum marks kitne chayein computer me exam qualify karne ke liye…..???????

    pls help me….

  35. kavita

    I m very much nervous for preparation .actually I don’t get enough time to study as because of being married and having lots of responsibilities


    how to prepare Gk & English………..
    I am again and again fail in eng bank exam so help me how to crack eng part

  37. ashana

    hello sir,
    i m weak in general awareness portion plz send me some question related to the exam. and also tell me name of some book which help me.

  38. charmy

    i m fresher to give this ibps rrb online exam,
    i submit my application form but i dont know that which is the exam date of it
    how can i know that exam date of mine??

  39. meena pandey

    dear sir,
    in today examination of rrb assitant i have attempted all the sections but it is given that we have to attempt only one language i,e, only 5 section out of 6. So is there is any problem?


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