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Candidates Allotted to Bank of Baroda (BOB) Submit Preferred Date of Joining

Hello Bank of Baroda (BOB) POs, Now you can give preferred date of joining on or before 30th March 2013.

Selected candidates allotted to Bank of Baroda can join the Bank on one of the following four dates:


These candidates will be required to submit their preferred date of joining among the four dates mentioned above on or before 30-03-2013. However, Bank reserves the right to give any specific date based on merit and the decision of the Bank in this regard will be final and binding.

Click Here to give Preferences to join Bank of Baroda (BOB)

They are sending mails to selected candidates. Check your registered mail with IBPS for the mail.

What Next After IBPS PO 2012 Allotment Results – FAQs Answered

IBPS PO 2012 Allotment is finally over. Thank God, Nobody lost jobs. Even some more candidates got selection after re-allotment. Now, everyone having several doubts. I read all your comments and most of the candidates asking about individual banks criteria regarding graduation percentage and age factors. The next in list is joining time. Ok.. I will answer each question below.

1. I got selection in XXX Bank & i have graduation % less than 60. Am i eligible for that bank or not?

Ans. There is no individual bank criteria this year. All banks should follow the minimum eligibility criteria mentioned in IBPS PO 2012 notification because this is a Common Exam and Common Interview. Last year, each bank conducted their own interviews, so they have chance to issue separate guideline before applying for interview. This year, the procedure is completely changed. No bank have right to reject your candidature after you allotted to that bank. If they have any special criteria, they should have already released those guideline before the allotment was done. So, Dont worry about Graduation % criteria and Age. All banks are going to follow the minimum eligibility criteria notified in IBPS PO 2012 Notice. IBPS also confirmed the same through mail to one our reader. If he forward that mail, i will post it here. Here is email conversation posted by him in comments section.

Dear Candidate,

Graduation percentage is not applicable in this PO2 project.

—– Original Message —–
From: Dharmendra Singh
To: ; IBPS Declaration of Combined Result for the post of Probationary Officers/ Management Trainees – CWE & Interview
Cc: Dharmendra Singh
Sent: Friday, March 22, 2013 10:49 AM
Subject: is persentage required by alloted banks

Respected Sir,

My daughter is selected in Canara bank PO through IBPS PO-II, but her graduation % is 5..
is she eligibal or not?

according to adv. and selection procedure there is not mentioned %

is % required by bank or not?

I am totaly confuse, Sir Pl Clarify…she resigned from syndicate bank as clerk, presently SBI Clerk job on hold pl pl. reply.

With best regards

Dharmendra Singh

2. What next as already final allotment result is published?

Ans. Offer of appointment will be issued from the allotted Participating Organisation in due course. Candidates may approach the respective organisation only after hearing from the said organisation. So, keep checking the allotted bank website (Also BankClerkPo.Com) for notification regarding terms and conditions, formalities for verification, joining etc. The allotted bank will also send postal letters to your present address which contains all these details and required documents to be filled. You will be intimated to inform at zonal office or regional office for document verification and to finish joining formalities.

3. How long it will take to get call from allotted bank?

Ans. There is no exact answer for this question. Nobody knows when the bank is going to call the candidates to join. As there is a lot of staff requirement in any bank, we can expect the call in coming 15days (Or even today). It is completely banks chance when to call candidates to join the bank. So, dont waste your time by asking this question. Even cant answer even if you ask me in future.

4. Is it final result?

Ans. Yes. But they will release waiting lists in future if any candidate don’t join the bank. Waiting lists will be released by IBPS after all the banks completed their joining formalities. They will release waiting lists. It will take 3 to 6 months to release 1st waiting list.

5. How many vacancies will be there in waiting lists?

Ans. We can expect 1k to 1.5k vacancies for general, 500 to 1k vacancies for OBC, 200 vacancies for SC & ST category candidates. This is just guess work. No guarantees. It may decrease or even increase.

6. If i reject the present allotment, Do they consider me in waiting lists?

Ans. NO. If you dont join in allotted bank, Your candidature will be cancelled and you will not be considered for any further selection. You have to write IBPS PO 2013 to get a job.

7. What are the interview marks in IBPS PO 2012?

Ans. IBPS PO 2012 Common Interview was conducted for 100 marks. I have already published this information on our site. It was also confirmed by IBPS in Notification issued yesterday.

8. In the event of two or more candidates having obtained the same score, How merit order is decided?

Ans. Merit order is decided as per date of birth. The candidate senior in age is placed before the candidate junior in age.

9. Did bank allotted contact us or we have to contact bank?

Ans. The bank allotted to you will contact you. You have to act as per their guidelines.

10. what if banks set any other criteria other than that mentioned by ibps, what happens then?

Ans. Banks have no right to set any other criteria other than mentioned by IBPS as the individual banks haven’t issued any notification.

11. Who dint got a bank,those with low scores, Are they out of d race?

Ans. Candidate having marks less than 1 mark as stipulated in Cutoff marks will have chance in waiting list. Others don’t even wait for the waiting lists. If you keep thinking about this result, you cant concentrate on next exams. You will lose other chances if you keep on waiting for the waiting lists. So, Prepare for next exam i.e., IBPS PO 2013.

These are the common questions asked by the candidates. If you have any other question other than these questions, comment below. So, PO’s, Prepare for the battle ground. Enjoy this leisure time. You wont get this much of time in future. Do what ever you like..

SBI Clerk 2012 Mark List of All Candidates Appeared for the Exam Available

SBI Clerk 2012 Written Test held on 27-05-2012 & 03-06-2012. If you have appeared for that exam, now you can view the marks you obtained in written test. Interviews held : Phase-I (Sep.2012) & Phase-II (Dec.2012-Jan-2013). If you are shortlisted for interviews in phase 1 or phase 2, you can also view interview marks along with written exam marks. You can also view the cutoff marks in each and total marks. Mark List of All Candidates Appeared for the Exam Available.

Click here to View Mark List

Please share the cutoff marks in each section and also final cutoff marks. It is different from state to state.

So, you can share the cutoff marks in your state.

APGB Final Results 2013 Officer Scale 1 & Office Assistant Out | APGB Interview Results

Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank (APGB) direct recruitment of officers scale 1 written exam held on 02.09.12 & Interviews held from 11.03.13 TO 13.03.13. Final List of selected candidates for recruitment in the cadre of officer scale 1 is available to download below. APGB direct recruitment of office assistant written exam held on 09.09.12 & Interviews held from 14.03.13 TO 15.03.13. Final List of selected candidates for recruitment in the cadre of office assistant is available to download below.

Click here to view the list of candidates selected in the Cadre of Officer Scale-I

Click here to view the list of candidates selected in the Cadre of Office Assitant

Individual appointment orders will be dispatched in due course.

IBPS PO 2012 Reallotment Result Category Wise Cutoff Marks (Official Data)

IBPS officially released the IBPS PO 2012 Re-allotment Result Cutoff Marks category wise. So, we got the clear picture regarding cutoff marks. If you didnt get SMS, this is the only way to know whether you got job or not. To know the bank allotted to you, you have to wait for the Postal letter which will be sent by the bank you allotted to. See below for IBPS PO 2012 Revised Result Cutoff Marks released by IBPS.

The following table indicates the category-wise maximum and minimum scores (combined scores in CWE and Interview out of 100) for allotment. In the event of two or more candidates having obtained the same score, merit order is decided as per date of birth (the candidate senior in age is placed before the candidate junior in age).

Category Maximum Marks Minimum Marks
General 81.96 62.12
OBC 77.32 58.32
SC 71.88 55.84
ST 71.92 47.36
HI 66.36 45.80
VI 69.76 42.84
OC 75.16 55.88

These are the cutoff marks which shows the Maximum marks and Minimum got by selected candidates in each category.

IBPS PO 2012 – 13 Reallotment Result Out | IBPS PO 2012 Revised Allotment Notification

The most awaited result of the year IBPS PO 2012 – 13 revised allotment result released. Allotment process for CWE PO/MT-II (vacancies of Probationary Officers/Management Trainees) for 2013-14 to the 21 participating organizations has since been completed. Candidates are being intimated individually through sms at the mobile number mentioned by them in the online application form for CWE PO/MT-II. Allotment has been done based on merit-cum-preference keeping in view the spirit of various guidelines issued by Govt. of India/Others from time to time.

Click Here to Read the Notification Regarding CWE PO/MT-II: Allotment process for Public Sector Banks etc. against vacancies of PO / MT for 2013-14.

Please note:
(1) The allotment is subject to the candidate fulfilling the criteria for Participating Organisations and identity verification to the satisfaction of allotted organisation. This does not constitute an offer of employment.
(2) In case it is detected that, the candidate does not satisfy the eligibility criteria at any stage of the recruitment process his/her candidature/ chance in the process shall stand forfeited.
(3) Offer of appointment including terms and conditions, formalities for verification, joining etc. will be issued from the allotted Participating Organisation in due course. Candidates may approach the respective organisation only after hearing from the said organisation.
(4) If the candidate does not avail the offer/ appointment from the allotted Participating Organisation his/her candidature/ chance in the process shall stand forfeited.

IBPS Clerk Common Interview 2012 – 13 Expereince By Kumar Deep Banoriya

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience of Kumar Deep Banoriya. Thank You Very Much Kumar Deep Banoriya for sending sending your IBPS Clerk Common Interview 2013 experience.

Name— Kumar Deep Banoriya
Age — 29 yrs
Venue– agra. Tourist bunglow, raja kind mandi
Date of interview 17/03/2013
Panel 1 morning 8:30 am

We were allowed to enter at 8:30 in the morning.
Waited for some time, my document verification was done on 10am, it took around 5 mins,
Interview turn after 5 min
Three male members and one female member
M1 what is your name
I answered
M1 you are on the border of ur age
I answered yes sir
Me2 why engineering when want to work wide bank
I answered
Lady– what is bank how it works
I answered
M3- what ur dad do
I answered
Lady- r u married
I answered no Mam
Lady- if u r posted in rural areas u will work.
I answered yes Mam.
M3- what made u do mba
I answered
Why jhansi was in news recently.
I answered
M2- oki you may leave.
I thank all the memberes and wished them.

My suggestion to all aspirants that be your self do not hesitate to answer. Always tell truth they all are very friendly. Work on your subjects and weak points.

Best of luck

IBPS Clerk Interview 2013 Experience By Our Reader

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience By Our Reader. Here dont want display his name. So, iam not posting his name here. Here is the interview experience of him.

Name Prince

Interview Date 19/03/12

Location Amritsar

Time 1:00PM

Panel 2

My turn came at 4:30pm

I opened the door and asked may I come in.

they said yes come in.

I entered the room.

there were 4 members in the panel 3M 1F.

I wish them Good evening.

they replied but one person argue that do you not know that when we met first time, what we wish.

I replied yes sir I know “Good Morning”(I was thinking to say good morning but that will also arise question why u said good morning)

Why we said Good morning I replied k yeh freshness ka ehsaas dilate hai

whole conversation was in Punjabi

he said yes rite but why you said Good evening

I replied according to time I said good evening

then he asked which one is rite I said both are right..

they said yes both can be said

then he asked what have you done

I replied Master Of Computer Applications.

he said ohhhhh okay

Only one person was asking the question.

one was watching me strangely lady and other persons were arguing some time

Person::: what is S P A M

I said its spam as he was preannouncing it something other.

what is that?

I explained about spams.


Person : What is virus?

I explained about it.


Then what is anti-virus?

I explained about virus

one more question from IT

then they asked how can MCA help u in Banking?

I tell about technologies and IT used in banking system and said being an IT student its going to help me in banking?

then they asked about my village..

person knew about my village.

asked some more question related location.

then asked about my father’s occupation.

some more question related to family.

person why u want to join the bank as u are MCA u can earn more than banking by Teaching and tution?

I replied my passion and objective is banking and also there is growth and stability in this field and also its providing lots of opportunity for garaduates and I want to grab one of that.

apko benefits pata hai iske drawbacks pata hai apko..

I was not able to answer these

then they asked about Adhaar card

I replied its used to uniquely identify a person in country

they replied voter card can also do so.

I replied there are Finger print and ratina scan too to do so.

then they said isko technology language mein kya kehtey hai..

I forget at that time I knew the answer

he asked its related to ur field.

I said biometric system

they asked three GK question I was unable to answer. I have read about that but forget the answer.

also asked about bank manager name in our village PNB bank.

At last he said ok Carry On Thank You.

I said thank you and left the room.

how will u rate my answers.

Thank you very much.

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience By Ajay Madhiwal

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience By Ajay Madhiwal. Thank You Very Much Ajay Madhiwal for sending all the questions asked in IBPS Clerk Common Interview 2013.

Ajay madhiwal
Rajasthan cadre
Cat. Sc
Score 119
Interview date 18/03/13
Time 1 pm
Vanue : bank of india jaipur

First I want to tell u all please bring all ur important docs that ibps demands on its interview latter. My interview was awesome. Hope for gud.

my interview question are these :-
Q.1 where u belong from, famous people of my area.
Q.2 population and occupation of my villagers.
Q.3 about my family background.
4. My strengths
As I tell them I can influence people they ask me
5. How will u influence a villager who is very rich and having account on another bank and how will u take him to ur bank.
6. Where u get knowledge about banks new products?
7.How many banks in your area?
8.Had you ever visited to a bank?
9. How you feel in bank, about banks employees behaviour. Have u ever been misbehave by a bank employee.
10. If a bank clerk don’t accept your 10 rs note what will u do.?
11. Why u want to job in bank.
12. Tell us about clerk duty?
13 how to satisfied a customer and what are the acceptation of a customer to bank.
14. What are the third party product in bank.
15. What are the electronic product in bank.
16. Do you know about something computer.

I told them yes sir I have a certificate in computer that is called RSCIT. So they ask me computer questions.

17. What is ms office.
18. how to save a file.
19. How many types to save a file.
20. What is e mail and what is attachment.
21. What are the rolls of bank to indian economy.
22. Is it possible to develop a country without banks.
23 what is KYC.

This is my interview. All the best guys

IBPS Clerk Interview 2013 Questions Faced by Abhinav

IBPS Clerk Common Interview experience of Abhinav. Thank You Abhinav for taking time to send all the questions.

Name: ABHINAVAbhinav
D.o.B: 27/01/1992
Centre: Patna
Date: 18/03/2013 (11:00)
Panel: 3
Qual: B.Sc(Hons)

I reached the venue at 10:30 and was told to sit in hall, at 12:00 i
was called in for document verification which completed in 5 minutes,
dey only chckd 10th and Grad. cert in original.
I entered the Interview room at 02:30 pm and greeted all the members
by saying “Gud Afternoon Sirs”. There were 4 members.
The questions asked were:
1) Name of Mother and Grandmother?
2) Place of Birth?
3) What is meant by I-Banking?
4) Give your views on the latest bill related to sexual harassment of women?
5) What is the formula to calculate area of a sphere?
6) What is chemical name of Washing Soda?
7) What is Optical Photometry?
8) Who invented ATM?-Asked in Hindi
9) Willing to serve in Capital City of State or remote Village?
10) Define Budget?
11) Writen exam sccore? – (134)

I answered all except question no- 8.

If your interview was completed please share your interview experience with our readers. Send Email to: